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The Gaming Clinic

The Gaming Clinic is where psychotherapy meets gaming.  Daniel specialises in facilitating groups for teenagers, psychotherapy for professional gamers and those who struggle with problematic gaming (both adult and youth).  Follow my social media for more information about gaming and mental health:

Gaming Support Group

How do groups work?

Daniel has created a programme directed towards teenagers who either enjoy gaming or find their gaming habits problematic.  This group involves a combination of psycho-education (learning about self, developing tools and strategies), connecting with others who share the same interest and playing games.

Why attend the group?

  • Find friendship and a sense of belonging with like-minded teenagers

  • Help relieve social anxiety

  • Learn how to regulate difficult emotion

  • Learn about relationship to gaming, both the good and bad

  • Play games!

Contact Daniel for more information


Individual Psychotherapy

Problematic Gaming

Daniel has extensive experience working with both youth and adults who struggle with problematic gaming behaviours.  Such behaviours may include:

  • Neglecting school or work for games

  • Unhealthy sleep and diet patterns due to excessive gaming

  • Isolation from family, friends and responsibilities due to prioritisation of gaming

  • Issues surrounding money and finances

Professional Gaming

The e-sports scene is vast and wonderful. Daniel works with professional gamers who want to elevate their play, learn healthier coping strategies (in and out of playing) or simply want to engage in psychotherapy with a professional experienced in helping those in the e-sports industry.  Nationally and internationally.

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